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A reporter sets up a camera near the memorial for Michael Brown, Monday, August 25, 2014, in Ferguson, Mo. The death of the black teenager, who was shot by officer Darren Wilson, triggered days of violent protests in the St. Louis suburb. (Yann Schreiber, File)

Why media missed the story in Ferguson

I wrote the following text in early October for a class at The Ohio State University, before heading to cover the « #FergusonOctober » protests. I believe most of it has become relevant again as the decision of the Grand Jury was announced yesterday, Monday, November 24, 2014. What should be added, through, is that sensationalism and « riot porn » seems […]

The words "Pray for Love" are attached to a pillar in Ferguson, MO, Monday August 25th, in what constitutes one of the three installations in memorial of Michael Brown, killed earlier this month.
His picture can be seen behind as part of another memorial, in the middle of Canfield drive, on the spot he has been shot at by officer Darren Wilson, promoting days of unrest in the St Louis suburb. He has been buried on Monday, August 25th, after a service in St Louis, attended by family and civil rights activists. In the street, the night has been quiet as urged by the family, though people say the fight is "not over yet". (Yann Schreiber)

À Ferguson, en attente de justice, le calme stérile et irréel

À St Louis (Missouri), il est devenu difficile d’aborder un sujet différent. Michael Brown, l’adolescent mort dans les rues de la petite commune de Ferguson, banlieue de St Louis, le 9 août dernier, est dans tous les esprits. Sa mort touche une communauté ignorée et invisible qui semble néanmoins déterminée à amorcer un changement.